Wootrade Invite Code get 100% cashback in trading fee |2021|

Sign up with Wootrade Invite Code “IJPVNLHN” to get 100% cashback on trading fees. Join to Wootrade or Woo X crypto Exchange and get free BTC bonus and rewardsApply Wootrade Invite Code and refer your friends to earn 30% commission as a referral rewards. So, Use my invite Code to get cashback or a discount on the trading fee.

Get 50% cashback on trading :- Grab Woox tokens

Wootrade referral code


Wootrade cryptocurrency platforms to provide deep liquidity and superior order performance at the lowest cost for traders, exchanges, institutions, and DeFi platforms. Its flagship, WOO X, is a professional trading platform featuring customizable section, and zero-fees with deep liquidity across spot and margin. Its offering to KEEP ALL THAT YOU EARN. It is Safe and secure! 100 million users keep safely WOO tokens were moved to wallets as part of a scheduled measure to mitigate risks on WOO X. It is just in an initial phase in crypto trading which gives unlimited rewards and woo tokens. It will create an efficient and high-performance marketplace.

Wootrade Invitation code 2021

My invite code is ” IJPVNLHN

Wootrade Crypto Exchange
Wootrade Invitation Code IJPVNLHN
Refer & Earn Register
Signup Bonus Woo tokens
Per Referral 30% rebate

How To Create Account On Wootrade using Invite Code

  1. First of all Signup on the Wootrade exchange
  2. After then, Enter email and password
  3. Then.Enter Wootrade referral code: IJPVNLHN
  4. After signup, you can trade and get cashback
  5. Make Sure E-KYC to claim all rewards
  6. Now Start trading BTC, ETH, Dogecoins, or XLM easily.

How to refer and earn with Wootrade Invite link


  • Login to your Wootrade account.
  • Go to the Dashboard
  • Then, go to “Referral”.
  • There,You can view your “referral code” and “Invite”.
  • Share with Woodtrade Code with your family and friends
  • So go and invest to Earn rewards and Free BTC coins
  • Earn Wootokens through referral after crypto first trading

How to buy and collect woo coins?

Wootrade (WOO) is on the Ethereum network (ERC-20) so it can be stored using any ETH compatible wallet. Buy & sell Wootrade (WOO) with fiat currencies (USD, CAD, AUD, EUR, GBP etc) or another coin such as BTC or ETH. Harder to use for beginners but has cheaper fees.


The WOO token is a digital asset that can be used to acquire exclusive benefits, investment opportunities, discounts and rebates on the Wootrade network. The WOO token adheres to the ERC-20 standard and can be traded on most major exchanges.

  • Unlocks Access To Zero-Fee Trading
  • Staked By Major Institutions And Exchanges
  • Earns Deep Discounts On Futures Trading, Margin Trading, And Asset Management Products


Crypto staking is the process of locking up crypto holdings in order to obtain rewards or earn interest. So,Put your hard-earned WOO tokens to work with these staking programs.

  • Retail Users Can Stake WOO To Unlock Zero-Fee Trading
  • Institutions And Exchanges Gain Access To Reduced Or Zero Fees
  • Investors In Asset Management Strategies Can Earn Discounts On Service Fee

Referral terms and Conditions

  1. Users will have a default referral code in the referral program, and can create up to 4 additional referral codes.
  2. System will give the user a random code when generating a new one. The code can’t be edited.
  3. When generating a new code, referrer can set different ratio to split referee’s trading volume with each other:
      • Referrer: 100% / Referee: 0% Referrer: 75% / Referee: 25%
      • Referrer: 50% / Referee: 50%
  4. The relationship between referrer and referee will last for 1 year from the referee registration date. ( The relationship will be calculated from 2021/08/20 and last 1 year for the previous Referral Campaign
  5. Referral Rewards Commission calculation:
    • Referrer Rewards = referee’s trading volume * split trading volume ratio * commission rate of referrer’s tier
    • Referee Rewards = referee’s trading volume * split trading volume ratio * commission rate of referee’s tier
    • Calculation example: Jay referred to Morpheus, Jay is tier 5 and Morpheus is tier 3. Jay’s referral code for Morpheus is 50% vs 50% and Morpheus’ trading volume is 10,000 USDT. Then rewards for them will be:
      • Jay’s reward = 10,000 * 50% * 0.3 bps = 0.15
      • Morpheus’ reward = 10,000 * 50% * 0.2 bps = 0.1
        ( One basis point is equivalent to 0.01%

When can I receive the commission from referees?

All commissions will be distributed to the user’s spot wallet daily at 00:00 UTC, which is the user’s total commission from the previous day. The commission will be calculated by USDT and converted to WOO Token at the average market price per minute yesterday.



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