Jubi Invitation Code Get 20% per referral and mining rewards on sign up | 聚币 |

Sign up with Jubi Invitation Code  “kt3GjN” to get 20% per referral and mining rewards. Join to Jubi crypto Exchange to get free Jubi token and also win balance mining rewards. Apply Jubi Invitation Code and refer your friends to earn 20% commission as referral rewards. So, use my invitation code to get cashback or a discount on the trading fee

So keep Scrolling! down to get amazing discounts and get a chance to win Free Jubi tokens. Jub is a leading global cryptocurrency mining service provider supporting stable and secure mining for BTC, LTC, ETH, ZEC, DASH, etc. Jubi Exchange also listing JOE Deosite JOE! and chance to win balance mining rewards. Trade is one step scattered trading platform on  the Avalanche Network.

Jubi Invitation link to get sign up bonus

Jubi Invitation Code

Jubi Invitation code 2021

JBEX invite code is ” kt3GjN

Jubi 聚币 Crypto Exchange
Jubi Invitation Code kt3GjN
Refer & Earn Register
Signup Bonus mining rewards
Per Referral 20%  

How To Create Account/login On Jubi using Invite Code

Download the App by scanning to earn rewards

  1. First of all Signup on Jubi Exchange
  2. Then, enter email or mobile number and password
  3. You’ll get a verification code
  4. Most important, enter Jubi Invitation code: kt3GjN
  5. Account Created you can trade and get cashback
  6. Make sure to do E-KYC you can trade BTC, ETH, or XLM easily
  7. So, starting trading to get rewards

How To Refer & Earn From Invitation Code in JBEX/ Jubi


  • Firstly, Login to your JUBI account.
  • then, go to the Dashboard
  • After Then tap the “Referral ” icon shown beside order
  • There You can view your “Referral Code” and “Referral Link” JBEX invitation code- kt3GjN
  • Most important, Share with Code with your family and friend
  • So, go and invest to Earn rewards and Free Jubi tokens.

How to get Jubi tokens?

To know where to buy Jubi Token, the top exchanges for trading in Jubi Token are currently MEXC, Hoo, BHEX (BlueHelix Exchange), and Hotbit. Visit Jubi crypto exchanges website to see crypto coins. Platform token for Jubi Exchange.
Jubi Token has a global 24-hour trading volume of ₹3,722,069.  Token can be traded across 7 different markets and is most actively traded in JBEX.

Jubi new hot list

  • JOE – Jubi will double the mining power in balance mining activity. Deposit JOE and win balance mining rewards. Jubi will take 20% of the daily transaction fee of spot trading as rewards. Rewards will be issued according to the user’s balance mining power.
  • AXS3L/USDT,AXS3S/USDT,DYDX3L/USDT,DYDX3S/USDT,MASK3L/USDT,MASK3S/USDT will be listed on Jubi at 18:00, Sep. 10th, 2021.
  • OOE will be listed on Jubi. Deposit OOE! Win balance mining rewards – OpenOcean is the world’s first full aggregation protocol for crypto trading that source liquidity from DeFi and CeFi, and enable cross-chain swaps. Our intelligent routing algorithm find the best prices from DEXes and CEXes, and split the routes to provide traders the best prices with low slippage and fast settlement.




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