CoinDCX Referral Code get free 25$ (Rs1800) Sign up bonus

CoinDCX  Referral Code  “44481814″ Unlimited 50% Discount and 50% commission for a lifetime. Use CoinDCX  Referral code to earn a 50% commission on every friend’s trading fees when you refer anyone! Your friends also get rewarded with a 10% trading fee discount. Earn Rs.1800 for each friend who trade for 1 BTC or more on DCX instant. Your friend also receive a gift of Rs.1800 (almost 25$) in BTC from you. So, if you want earn more cryptocurrency loot named CoinDCX Go Free CoinDCX Go App.

CoinDCX Referral Code Link:- CLICK HERE and register your account in CoinDCX by using this link.
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CoinDCX Exchange Referral

DCX is a Singapore-based company that specializes in crypto-enabled financial services. DCX is bringing a revolution with its crypto-based products by developing borderless financial services that ensure a faster, simpler, and uninterrupted flow of capital . CoinDCX  Referral Code  “44481814″ offering Unlimited 50% Discount and 50% commission for a lifetime. Through its array of products, DCX is upgrading lives every day. The best app where you can sell, Buy and trade bitcoin, Terra, Litecoin, bitTorent and other cryptocurrencies in India. You can trade easily Like Binance referral code  to get discount and cashback in crypto.

CoinDCX Referral Code

CoinDCX Referral Code is 44481814

Crypto Exchange INFO
CoinDCX Referral Code 44481814 
Refer & Earn offer
Signup Bonus 25$
Per Referral 10% fee

How To Create Account on CoinDXC using Referral code

1. First of all, Visit CoinDCX Website From Here

 CoinDCX Go App Download

2. Or, Download App and Tap on Sign Up Button.

referral code for trade

3. Secondly, Now Enter your Full Name, Email Address, Password and Mobile Number.

coindcx sign up

4. Thirdly and most importantly, Go to Dashboard of the App and Tap on Have a CoinDCX Go Coupon Code Option and enter

CoinDCX Referral Code 44481814:-

referral code

5.Start trading in USDT, BTC or any other convenient pair.

How to Add Money & Get Rs.100 Free Bitcoin

  1. Go to homepage, there add bank account details.
  2. After adding and completing your KYC, go to deposit and make a deposit of Rs.100
  3. After then, Buy BTC of Rs100 With Your Deposit Money
  4. Once you buy, Click On Sell so that you can get your money.
  5. You will get Extra Rs100 free BTC Within 24 Hours

How to Get Rs.150 BTC in CoinDCX

  1. Download Magicpin App and Search For CoinDCX Coupon.
  2. Now Buy Rs.150 CoinDCX Voucher By Just pay INR 2.
  3. Claim it on Your Newly Created Account of CoinDCX by applying coupon code.

Another ₹200 Bitcoins FREE

Use This coinDCX code – OFFER201 & You will get assured ₹200 Free Bitcoin as New User rewards from CoinDCX. This offer is Valid only for new users. Old Users ( Who Signed Up after 5th May 2021) will also get benefit

CoinDCX Referral Program

If someone uses your Reference Number while signing up and trades worth more than 5 BTC, both you and whomsoever used your Reference No. will receive 25 USDT directly in your CoinDCX wallet.

CoinDXC Features

Crypto investing in India is now as easy as tapping on your smartphone twice. If you are a new crypto investor, CoinDCX Go is definitely the best bitcoin app for cryptocurrency investment.

CoinDCX Go; Bitcoin investment app; allows you to own cryptocurrency instantly. No need to wait for trading orders to process or delays in receiving money in your bank accounts. CoinDCX Go will help you transfer INR funds for crypto investment at a lightning speed.

CoinDCX Go bitcoin app charges zero fees on deposits and withdrawals of your cryptocurrency funds. You can send and receive Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for free, instantly, and securely all at once.

Directly link your bank account to your CoinDCX Go account. Add money in your cryptocurrency wallets and start your cryptocurrency investment within seconds via available payment methods on CoinDCX Go.

No need to go to complex exchange portals to exchange your cryptocurrencies for another. Strategize your investments and diversify your portfolio anywhere! anytime!

CoinDCX takes the security and any private information stored within the platform very seriously. Our wallets are extremely secure and the funds are ensured with BitGo. 98% of CoinDCX’s funds are held in geographically distributed multi-signature cold wallets.

CoinDCX Go Bitcoin app is your direct gateway to buy cryptocurrency in India where you can exchange your INR for cryptocurrencies or exchange crypto for INR.

Other terms & conditions :-

  1.  The offer is only applicable for users who have registered on and after 5th May, 2021.
  2.  Coupons are valid for a limited time only. CoinDCX reserves the right to modify or cancel coupons at any time.
  3.  CoinDCX holds the right to reverse the funds in case any fraud/suspicious activity is detected without any prior notice.
  4.  The coupon code is limited to one per customer.
  5.  CoinDCX has no obligation for payment of any tax in conjunction with the distribution or use of any coupon.
  6.  CoinDCX shall not be liable for any loss of funds due to price movements or reversal of the offer if a user fails to unlock within 30 days.
  7.  You can only unlock free bitcoin by depositing INR from your bank account within 30 days.
  8.  Depositing crypto to your wallet & transacting is not considered as a criteria to unlock your free bitcoin.
  9.  Coupons are void if restricted or prohibited by law.
  10.  We have a mechanism to identify the user as per the Voucher Code. We might be using different voucher codes with a similar mechanism of rewards.

Note: Minimum withdrawal amount on CoinDCX Go is ₹500

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